The mission of the Memory Swap platform is to provide consumers with access to cryptocurrency-based financial services, enabling them to exchange or "swap" a variety of digital assets within their Memory wallets.
The benefits of this design can be attributed to the high level of security inherent in the decentralized model of asset storage and protection.
In response to the advanced development of decentralized financial protocols (DeFi) and the growing maturity of markets such as lending, exchanges, derivatives, NFT, and Gamefi, the Memory Swap platform protocol cooperates with related decentralized wallet software to provide one-stop aggregation and exchange Provides a platform for consumers and provides developers with access to an open, distributed, unlimited and secure transaction environment.


Memory Labs was established in Singapore in 2019, and we work tirelessly to contribute to advancing the field of professional development of crypto wallets. Since its establishment, we have continued to learn and grow, and what was once a small team has grown into a far-reaching and diverse group; currently, our team members come from almost every continent, and Memory Labs is committed to using blocks for more than 40 countries around the world Chain users, providing professional digital asset management tools and services.


  • Multi-signature wallet, all transactions can be checked on the blockchain, open and transparent and cannot be tampered with.
  • Multi-chain support, through the Memory Chain, assets on the chain can be interoperated to achieve high-efficiency asset cross-chain.
  • The wallet will be fully open source and completely decentralized. Third-party applications in the wallet need to hold MDAO tokens.
  • Transaction verification will be done through three-step verification plus transaction password. After verification and transaction password are passed, confirmation will be prompted again to reduce the fault tolerance rate.

Public Chain

Memory Chain Core Tech
  • High throughput, fast confirmation speed, running TPS up to 10000+, transfer confirmation time 3-5s.
  • Hundred-chain interconnection, value interconnection, multi-chain linkage, and low-threshold interconnection are realized through the underlying smart contract technology.
  • Smart contracts, payment and settlement, chain games, and Metaverse provide an independent development environment and open up a virtual-to-real environment.
  • Fragmented node system, which can be used as an effective node in the public chain through smart devices, without the need to purchase physical mining machines.
  • In the era of MDAO, the Dapps running on the Memory Chain will start voting from time to time.
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