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Trading section

Core technology of Memory Chain (Transaction Module)
  • IDO:
    Crowdfunding to build a pool is a way to distribute tokens and start a liquidity market with equal opportunities. Equal Opportunity Inspired by a new mechanism commonly found in the securities market, ensures that there are no jump-starts from scientists and interference from robots. Under the additional security provided by the liquidity protection period, users can participate in liquidity issuance activities with peace of mind and effectively support their favorite projects.
  • Smart Aggregate Transaction:
    Memory is built on the BSC smart chain, which can realize transactions between two arbitrary tokens on the same network. It intelligently finds the best order routing from liquidity sources, giving traders the best price and lowest slippage. Users who execute transactions on MemorySwap in the later stage can also choose to participate in transaction mining and receive MDAO token rewards.
  • Active market maker algorithm: Active Market Maker Algorithm MAMM is a new on-chain market making model. It is different from the non-constant function market maker model, which separates the relationship between transactions and assets. Parameters such as asset ratio and curve slope can be flexibly set. At the same time, oracles can also be introduced to guide prices or price discovery by the market on the chain. It gathers more funds near the market price and provides ample liquidity.
  • Mining:
    In addition to the above-mentioned transaction mining and traditional liquidity mining, pool creators and liquidity providers can also participate in joint mining, allowing Memory platform users to access projects that are trending, promising, and willing to cooperate with Memory at any time. . Projects that pass the audit can create liquidity pools on Memory, and the liquidity providers of these pools can be rewarded with MDAO tokens.
  • Marketing:
    Memory allows liquidity providers to flexibly create and manage their own market-making strategies through the Memory public pool and Memory private pool.
This is a completely permissionless, non-custodial process, where users have the right to configure various parameters of their own pools to build a liquidity market with an ideal pricing curve that suits their needs --- MemoryLabs