RICH: The Three Kingdoms


The inspiration comes from China's four famous novels - Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As an important part of MDAO's NFT ecology, Fujia Three Kingdoms focuses on card strategy and random exploration. In order to obtain greater MDAO revenue, users can use MDAO tokens to extract blind boxes, obtain characters, mounts, weapons, etc. in the game, and start your own play-to-earn era.

Game Setting

In Fujia Three Kingdoms, we choose the default landscape mode to experience the game. If your device fails to maintain the landscape state normally, you can tap the touch button in the upper right corner of the home page to turn on the full screen function. You can also control your current locale and game audio in settings. You can also check our official announcements in the upper right corner to keep up with the latest developments in the game.

Personal property

On the home page, we display the status of your current property on the tab above the display, including the tokens you hold, the balance of copper coins, the number of cards, the number of grain and grass, the number of quarrels, etc.


In the bottom navigation bar of the home page, we are divided into six functional areas: backpack, trading market, exchange bank, combat readiness store, and rebirth and advanced. At the same time, in the recruitment in the lower right corner, you can go to draw cards to get your important support in the game - generals NFT cards. During the game, you can tap the lower left button to go back to the home page or go to Swap at any time.

Welfare system

We have prepared a number of benefits for players to claim in the game, namely invitation benefits, airdrop gift boxes and bank lock-up benefits. You can view the acquisition rules through the controls on the homepage and get the benefits we have prepared for you after meeting the conditionsใ€‚

Achievement system

You can link and replace your current wallet in the upper left corner of the homepage, or view your ranking among current players in the leaderboard on the right, or view your current titles, badges and total combat power. In subsequent versions, personalized services such as avatars and profiles will be unlocked, and showcases will be launched to give you more exposure in the game. We hope to continuously optimize the achievement system to accurately record and display your efforts and honors in the game.

Themed games

The game content of Fujia Three Kingdoms is divided into three parts: Battle of Heroes, Siege and Ranking. You can enter the game through the entrance on the home page. Currently, we have opened PVP team battles in Battle of Heroes. You need to use certain strategy to win. In the siege, you can obtain stable income through PVE, and you can get additional rewards when certain conditions are met. We will update related content mainly based on personal qualifying in subsequent versions, and unlock the equipment bar and skill bar in the general's card. (Click on the keyword to jump to the related entry)

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