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Memory Road Map


2022 Q4

  • Launch Official Web Site
  • Release Swap module
  • Launch Memory Swap Litepaper
  • Launch RICH: The Three Kingdoms

2023 Q1

  • Open liquidity mining and single-coin lossless mining, producing MDAO

2023 Q2

  • Memory NFT platform launched, NFT trading market

2023 Q4

  • Support ETH, OEC, BSC, Polygon multi-chain deployment

2024 Q1

  • Cross-chain bridge and aggregation transactions are launched, and the Swap version is updated

2024 Q2

  • Start DAO version, conventional loan, NFT loan, machine gun pool and other ecology

2024 Q3

  • Develop a multi-chain integrated open source wallet

2024 Q4-♾️

  • Develop an independent public chain of Memory, accept more developers, and enter the public chain